Caroni 1998 Chutney

Caroni 1998 Chutney


Caroni 1997 Rapso
Music! Series

Distillery: Caroni

Distillation year: 1998
Bottling year: 2019
Age: 20YO
High Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum
Single cask
Limited edition: 209 bottles
ABV 60.3%

On the label: chutney musician. Chutney is a genre of music from the southern Caribbean, popular especially in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and Jamaica. It’s a mixture of Hindu and local music, fusion of styles created by Indo-Caribbean people whose ancestors came from South Asia to this region of the world to work. Nowadays, Chutney build the part of local culture with rhythmic hand-drum play and songs about life and love.

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